Angela set up a program for me and I did this for the first fourteen days as advised. I am now using it twice a week once again as instructed. No one claims this will ever cure me and I am still on medication (no one claimed this would ever change) but life is certainly much more bearable. There were days when I could not go out or had to come home early. No keeping me in now my husband and family can’t believe the transformation in me.

I heard about this equipment through one of my patients with a long-standing back problem. I have since used it on my own patients with considerable success. My wife who is a physiotherapist has also found it extremely useful.

It is now 6 months since I bought the Eurotherapy Classic hand massager, I wanted to tell you what it has done for me. The short answer wold be that it has prevented me from buying a walking stick. Osteoarthritis led to early retirement in November 2007 … now I can be on the go all day, every day.

Your hand massager was the best investment I ever made. We have had many tests and numerous treatment done and spent lot of time and money but all in vain. Your massager was the only one which helped my wife. I also find it very useful in relaxing my legs after a day’s work. I am on my feet for over 13 hours every day.

As a sufferer of Rheumatoid Arthritis, I know that there is no such thing as an actual cure … my arthritis is in my hands and wrists. Well here I am exactly 2 years later and what do I have to say about this machine now? I can’t praise it enough and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who suffers with arthritis.

I purchased my classic about 3 years ago as I had been diagnosed with arthritis in my knees. I now only need sticks to help me on the steepest inclines and can happily walk my dogs for 2-3 miles with no discomfort. I am amazed the doctors do not recommend this … there are no side effects, it takes minimal effort and is so effective. I have recommended the classic to a number of my friends who have similar knee problems.

I am 37 years old and have Ankylosing Spondylitus. I have been using my Euro therapy classic for nearly a year now and have found that it helps me very much. I would recommend it to anybody else who suffers with arthritis.

You gave me a practical demonstration for about 10 minutes and while I walked round the show I realised that my back felt much less tense. To be honest, I was a bit daunted by the price but as I could feel a difference I decided that I would give it a go … I am now able to spend hours, not just minutes doing my beloved garden and if I do over-do it I can get my hubby to run the massager over my back!

I purchased my machine on 21st Sept 2011. I can now jump off of the boat onto a pontoon without difficulty and climb up ladders, walking up and down stairs does not create any difficulty or discomfort, and I can transfer weight through both legs instead of hobbling about transferring weight through one leg.

I was delighted to meet you at The Cotswold Show to discuss the use of my Biocomfort [previous brand name] machine which I purchased many years ago. You showed me how to use the various attachments correctly and I am so grateful to you for this and for the programme you gave me to follow. I have followed your recommendations daily. It is lovely to be able to move my fingers and legs more freely.

Just wanted to say how pleased we are with our Eurotherapy machine, it is now some years since we purchased it from you, in-fact we were still living in the UK so it must have been 2007. It has certainly sorted out Ivan’s back problems, which was a great relief for him, we have also loaned one to a friend who has arthritis in her knees – we cannot recommend it highly enough! Hope you had a good and successful show – probably see you next year.

I was at the motorhome and caravan show a couple of weeks ago and was hobbling past your stand. I am so far very impressed with the effect it is having on me. I have recommended the product to several people and am very pleased with my purchase.

The Eurotherapy Machine has made a tremendous improvement. Two years ago I had a small foot operation. The surgeon was confident I would make a full and fast recovery and be back in killer heels within a few weeks. Sadly this did not prove to be the case … the Eurotherapy made the most miraculous difference and I am so grateful to have found it. Separately I have also found so many other ways that this machine can help. It is quite astonishing how quickly it works.

I have tried various types over the years for a variety of joint ailments (mostly sports orientated from cycling, skiing, motorcycle racing etc) some with good effect, though more recently in my more senior years the old massagers did not have the effect I desired on the more age related joint issues. It was with a certain amount of scepticism that I decided to proceed with the purchase but I was encouraged by your enthusiasm so I decided go head and hope for the best. I was pleasantly surprised to find that using the massager … I noticed benefit very soon in the program and am now managing my joint issues with the massager to good effect.

I think it is a marvellous massager and indeed pin all my faith on it.

Just a few words on the excellent massage machine I purchased from you at the Ideal Home Exhibition. The unit has been really good. Also Rosemary was also really impressed with the results. It was well worth the outlay. Just really pleased with the unit and its results.

It is a great machine and has helped tremendously. We have told lots of our friends.

Every time I have seen you at show Peterborough, Grand Designs Motorhome show I have approach the JOHNATHON WOOD in front of a demonstration and told the customer how good the machines are! (hope they don’t think I am a plant) but the truth must be told. I used to work with (Pneumatic) drill and rattled the joints in the old body now 71 years old and can swim 65 lengths of a 25 mtr pool every day … the machine works for me!

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