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Originally designed for use by health professionals, Eurotherapy brings a new range of oscillating-pad therapy  products to the UK, for use in your own home, and all our products have FREE UK delivery.

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The Eurotherapy Classic

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The Eurotherapy Classic is our unique hand held oscillating pad product, developed by experts in Germany. Designed for the health professional market, the Eurotherapy Classic is now available for home use. Weighing just 1.4kg (3 lbs) with a sturdy 1.3kg carry case, this lightweight, robust product offers comfortable hands-free treatment of your hands, feet, shoulder, neck, back, hip, thigh, knee, or joints, and comes with an optional heat setting which quickly reaches 40°C for gentle localised muscle and soft tissue therapy.

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We attend over 50 major UK events, shows and exhibitions where our team are happy to give you full demonstrations of the wellbeing benefits of our Eurotherapy products.

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See the Eurotherapy Classic cyclo-massager in action

The Eurotherapy Classic cyclo massager – see it at over 50 events across the UK and try it benefits out for yourself on a whole range of common health conditions.


Eurotherapy classic< Click for larger image

The Eurotherapy Classic is a professional quality cyclo oscillating pad massager, designed by German engineers and health experts to bring the benefits of professional physiotherapy to the home. FREE UK delivery.

Weighing just 1.4kg (3 lbs) with a sturdy 1.3kg carry case, this lightweight, robust product comes with an optional heat setting which quickly reaches 40°C for gentle localised muscle and soft tissue therapy. With the product placed in the lower half of its carry case, this allows for easy self-massage and comfortable hands free treatment of your feet, shoulder, upper or lower back, hip, thigh or knee.

Using the Eurotherapy Classic in your home

The carry case will hold the Eurotherapy Classic securely in a number of positions whilst allowing you to continue with your normal activity of watching television, reading or handicrafts. Having a balanced ergonomic design allows convenient one-handed use and a range of accessories tailor the treatment to your requirements.

The powerful 45 Watt motor oscillates at 2,870 rpm and yet is quiet enough not to become intrusive.

A variety of attachments allow for a range of therapeutic uses from scalp, reflexology and cosmetic soft tissue use to deep penetration massage.  The soft bristle pad and ball studded reflexology pad, both attach by simply placing them over the base plate and allowing the sides to locate in a groove.  The cosmetic sponge, soft bell, and domed deep penetration attachments, all locate in a high quality stainless steel threaded insert in the base plate.

The coiled power cable stretches to a length of 3 metres for convenient use without having to be immediately next to a power socket.  When not in use the power lead will recoil to its original length.

Weighing only 1.4 Kilograms, the Eurotherapy Classic is light enough for easy transportation, yet sturdy enough to provide effective use.  Its convenient weight does not impair its performance as many professional users will attest.

A useful hand grip is molded into the front of the product for two handed use should you require the services of an assistant.  This is also a feature particularly appreciated by the qualified Physiotherapist.


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